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        About Philip Belpasso the inventor of airflushsystem "phil"

Who is also known as the "ground zero piper" and is the author of a new world calendar copyright filed USA 1987. This new calendar has for a starting time the follow up moment after the end of  1999 which is then  a new year zero of Phil's new world calendar. This was needed as the former starting date for the old world calendar was the birth of christ  "in the  year of the Lord" abbreviated AD which was inherently flawed because it had no year zero. As its year one which was the birth of Christ had no year zero before it. The fact is that the year before  the AD calendar's year one was the year one BC meaning before the birth of Christ.

          This lack of a year zero makes the old world calendar          impossible to be used in conjunction with the scientific method of calibration of time, which must have a year zero so as to create a two digit distance between the AD which is really positive one and the BC which is really negative one.

          Noteworthy is that the AD calendar has already been severally changed  by some scholars in a rather failed attempt to  de-religionize  it. Failed because the change was to re-titled the  Birth of Christ AD to CE meaning Common Era however for the most part people just assumed the C in CE meant Christian  Era and BCE mean before the Christian ERA. That change  was fruitless inasmuch as the change did not address the lack  of a year zero flaw which is what the new world calendar copyright addresses.

          The truth is that the author of the new world calendar Phil finds the Common Era change quit repugnant as an author he  see it as fraudulent defilement. The fact is that the old world AD calendar has served humankind well and deserves to be  retired with the respect by maintaining its status of being base  on the Birth of Christ.

The concept of a year "zero" is a modern myth (but a very popular one). In our calendar, C.E. 1 follows immediately after 1 B.C.E. with no intervening year zero. So a person who was born in 10 B.C.E. and died in C.E. 10, would have died at the age of 19, not 20

          This problem of a lack of a year zero of the AD or CE  calendar has just recently come under scrutiny of academia. This limelight if you will is because the National Aeronautical  and Space Administration "NASA" has produced a Star  Positioning System "SPS" using position data called J2000  "which is the first moment of January 2000 which is the exact  time as the last moment of 1999" this point in time is now  been connected to photos taken by NASA as to create a prime  point much like Greenwich Time the AM and PM for the calibration of the zero point of  the Global Positioning System  GPS.

          The problem for NASA arose after their calling the starting  point J2000 as the SPS worked fine for data in the future  however to plot the course of comets and the like, their historic data is need in a precise log and that distance between  the year BC one and Ad one of the calendar which is the bases  for the  J2000 makes that system erroneous and the simple fix would be to just use the Phil copy written system of calling the year 2000 AD the year Zero of the new star for another system Phil calls PX for the position of Earth's axis.